(Almost) everything you wanted to ask us and never had the nerve to!

About the Bike Bar

What is BBT?

BTT is a bicycle with18 seats attached to a mobile bar.

Who steers BBT?

BBT is steered by one of our team members. Clients just need to cycle and enjoy the ride.

Does BBT have music?

Yes we have music on board. You may bring your own playlist if you desire.

What is the age limit?

10 year old onwards may enjoy the BBT.

About our tours

What is the duration of each tour?

Averaged tour duration is about 1hour, depending on tour requested.

Do we have to cycle the entire tour?

No, we have breaks.

What is the minimum booking for a tour?

6 people minimum.

Does everyone have to pedal?

It is recommended.

Which are the languages spoken by the BBT team?

English, Spanish and Portuguese.

And if it rains?

If it rains…nobody will get wet! Bike Bar as a roof that protects customers from the rain. Even though, we advice to bring clothing according to the weather conditions.

About the drinks

Drinks served on board?

During the tour BBT serves Beer, wine, water and soft drinks.

Can passengers consume alcohol on board?

Yes! Passengers over 16 years old can consume beer and wine. However, customers must respect the BBT rules.

Booking conditions

Cancellation conditions

If our customers cancel their reservation with 7 days of advance, BBT will reimburse the full amount of the payment.

If the customer does not attend the booking

In case of not appearance, the deposit amount will not be returned (50% of the tour value)