About us

What is Bike Bar Tours?

The Bike Bar Tours was born in 2014. It was a pioneer project in Portugal´s capital: The first bike bar in Lisbon that moves while the customers pedal. Nowadays BBT remains the only bike bar in Lisbon that can take their customers for a relaxing and enjoyable ride.

While you sit and cycle among the BBT bar, you can appreciate the Lisbon beauties, enjoy a drink, that we offer and sightsee.

Unique fun in Lisbon

Our tours take place wherever the client desires, however our primordial tours are set at the riverside area, next to rio Tejo, enabling the client to appreciate an unparalleled view.

On board our friendly staff assures you have the time of you life, offering good music, animation and drinks. Our driver (that never drinks) assures the customers arrive safely to the destination.

The only demand is to cycle and have fun!

BBT is ideal for groups. Minimum 6 people maximum 18 people*.

To take BBT for a ride, you just need to book your tour and show up at the time combined.

You don't need to bring anything else…. not even a good mood because we guarantee that among the ride. If your group has less than 6 people or more than 18 don't avoid contacting us. We will find a solution.

* if your group has less than 6 people or more than 18 don't avoid contacting us. We will find a solution!

5 reason to take the bar for a walk

Nobody needs an excuses to have fun, but you gave you some arguments to take the bar for a walk:

  1. You are visiting Lisbon and you would like to do something more radical then staying in line for Belém pastries
  2. You want to have some drinks with you friends without having to stay on the same place.
  3. You need to organize a office meeting outdoors before the “storm” damage’s the “brains”
  4. You are looking for a hen or bachelor party with drinks and irreverence, running away from the usual strippers (our staff usually does not take off their clothes, unless it is too hot and nobody minds that they expose their greek gods' bodies)
  5. Or simply because you are intelligent and know P-E-R-F-E-C-T-L-Y that life is to be lived with friends and some beauties of life must be appreciated all year, like the amazing sunset we can see from rio Tejo!